Tryout Assessment Days


Our Mission is to develop all players to their full potential and exposing them to learning opportunities and Life Skills to prepare them for Life through the Sport of Soccer.  Utilizing our knowledge, experience and contacts to provide the elite players to the very best soccer learning environment leading to opportunities for Provincial, National and Scholarship opportunities or Professional playing careers.

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Supplemental Individual Player Development

By enrolling in an RVDL Soccer Schools course or camp the player experiences the very latest training equipment and coaching methods to help players improve their technique and game awareness in a very friendly, open and active learning environment where the players are encouraged to express themselves without any fear of making mistakes.



Programmed Development for U8 to U20 Players

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From the UK playing and coaching experience our coaches inject into the detailed multi-layered training program delivered, utilizing the very latest training techniques and methodology, you can be sure the opportunities for improvements in the player will be significant.  Our Academy program has already produced a significant number of players that have progressed towards their desired goals, including some that have moved to professional club academies like Toronto FC and Chelsea FC in the UK to name a few.

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Pre-Academy Development

Our Pre-Academy Development program for 6-8, 9-11 and 12+ year old players, is a 2 or 3 times per week program. Also, coached by our professional Academy coaches who provide the necessary environment for players wishing to take their soccer to the next level but have not had the quality of coaching previously to get them there or for players that are not yet ready to make the big commitment needed for our Academy Program.

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